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Heal me

15. ledna 2008 v 21:06 |  *Sunrise Avenue*

This is something I can´t hide
Can´t throw it away
This is something I can´t fake
They know you´re away
They know how to break me
They know you´re far away
If this sadness takes tis place
I´ll free the space it needs
I´m hiding in the place
Where we share the days
Where we share the nights
Go through dark and light
Could you believe I´m waiting for someone
Could you believe I´m holding the night wwith my hands
Alone in the night on my own
I feel the pain inside me
Only you can heal me
This is something I can´t také
I feel so lame
There is nothing in my mind
But you all the way
You rule every moment
You´re the air around me
Love´s a lonely road sometimes
I keep moving on
Towards the moment you´ll be mine
A long way to go
To where we belong
We´ll be there before long
Could you believe I´m waiting for someone…
By sharing this moonlight
And the tears in my midnight cry
I need to hear you breathe by
Me in the night, deep in the night

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