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How do they celebrate Christmas?

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How do they celebrate Christmas?
Great Britain - Cards are very important part of Christmas in Britain - many people use them as a way of contacting people not seen for a year. Before Christmas groups of singers go round country villages singing carols, and there are concerts in the town squares.
Ireland - On December 24th, many families put a candle on their window - sill, decorated with ivy. The flame makes a light to symbolically show the holy family or other travelers the way along the road. On Christmas Day, after their supper and a dessert of heavy pudding, families set extra food, and leave the door unlocked as a symbol to welcome poor, hungry travelers. The next day is St. Stephen's Day, and that's when local boys go door to door, sing songs and ask for special treats (sweets and other food).
The U.S.A. - Have you ever heard about Kwanzaa in the US? This tradition celebrating the history and culture of African Americans started in 1966 and today is held from December 26th to January 1st. Each day of the holiday has a different theme such as self- determination, collective work and responsibility, creativity, and faith in yourself and your ancestry. Each day of Kwanzaa another candle is lit on a special candlestick holding seven candles in all.
Australia - At Christmas it is summer in Australia and Christmas Day is usually warm and sunny. Like in Britain many people eat roast turkey and plum pudding but many other people have barbeques and salads. On Bowing Day people watch the cricket test, play sports or seek out the sales in the big department stores.
Canada - Christmas in Canada is about the same as in the US. But there is at least one difference in Canada - the Boston Christmas Tree. On December 6, 1917, two ships collided in Halifax Harbour. The explosion and a tidal wave killed and injured many people. Boston sent doctors, nurses and food supplies. In return, Canadians sent a special Christmas tree to Boston to say thank you. And this Canadian Christmas tree tradition is still going on today in Boston, more than 80 years later.
New Zealand - At Christmas the typical kiwi (a person living in New Zealand) sits down to enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner outside, under the blazing sun, with a glass of champagne in one hand and a pair of barbeque tongs in the other. After feasting many kiwis have a short rest before heading to the beach for refreshing swim.

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