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Agatha Christie (anglicky)

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She was born on 15th September 1890 in Torquay like Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie. When she was a child she didn't attend school. She started writing short stories to entertain herself at a very early age. She completed her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, by the age of twenty-one. When it was published in 1920, success followed rapidly. Although she enjoyed her success, she avoided publicity. In fact she was famous for not giving information about herself and found that she had nothing to say in interviews.
One of her rare appearances was to celebrate the 21st year of The Mousetrap. This phenomenally successful play is the longest running show in the world. It opened in London in 1952 and is still running today. During World War I she worked like nurse and got knowledge about chemicals and poisons that she later used in writing detective stories.
Her first husband was colonel Archibald Christie. They divorced in 1928 and later she got marry with archaeologist Max Mallow. His experience and her detective skills helped them by defecting historical settles in Syria and Iraq. Out of the public eye, Agatha Christie spent much time either travelling abroad or writing at her home in Davon, a few miles where she was born.
But there was a period in her life which would have changed the skills of even her most perceptive. In December 1926 Agatha Christie disappeared for eleven days. Her car was found abandoned by the side of a country road. A nation-wide search was launched and eventually she was found in a hotel in Harrogate, many miles from her home.
She suddenly disappeared in circumstances which made it seem likely that she had either killed herself or possibly her husband had murdered her and disposed of the body. The newspapers were very excited about this. Her readers were terribly excited about it. The first weekend of her disappearance, fifteen thousand people were searching the Downs, helping the police look for clues. All she said about it in her autography: "I became ill, there was breakdown and agony for a time, but eventually life went on."
Apart from her family no one really knows what happened in those eleven days. What is known, is that the period preceding them was exceptionally unhappy. It that time she wrote her novels under pseudonym Mary Westmacott. In these love stories she explores the psychological and emotional lives of her characters. Agatha Christie was a very private person and for nearly twenty years it was not known that she and Mary Westcomacott were one and the same.
She was an immensely prolific writer. She wrote seventy-nine crime novels, approximately a hundred and fifty short stories, four non - fiction books and nineteen plays. She became world's best - selling crime writer. More than three billion copies of her books have been sold in a hundred and forty-six languages.
Agatha Christie's work is popular with people who like classical murder mystery, because of the quality of the puzzle in the work. The ingenuity of the plots, the way in which she would present the puzzle. Normally there would be a group of people in an isolated place of some kind - whether they are on a boat going up the Nile, whether they are in an English country house, marooned for the weekend for one reason or another or an island off the coast, again inaccessible - a group of people and into this group intrudes this violent act of murder, except that it isn't violent. There isn't very much actual violence in Agatha Christie at all and that makes them popular with the kind of reader who likes intrigue of the puzzle, who likes mystery, almost in the way in which other people might like doing crossword puzzles, but who does not want violence, who does not want blood and sort of guts splattered all over the place. It is that kind of thing, the well - mannered murderer, that she specializes in. And it's a secret of her popularity.
She has two major detectives throughout her books. They appear from the earliest to the very last ones and are so different from each other.
Hercule Poirot, her most famous detective, began his life as a member of the Belgian police force. When we first meet him, he is already retired. He is funny little man, he's only about five foot ... five foot two, but he has big, luxuriant moustache, which he is very proud of. And he is a rather comical character. He is also very vain ... has a great opinion of himself.
He is a complete contrast to her other major detective, who is not a professional, never has been a professional detective of any kind. She is a nice old spinster called Miss Marple, who lives in a village where they seem to have a rather incidence of murders, in and around the vicinity. And she, just by virtue of taking thought, works out exactly what has happened in each case. She is absolute opposite to Poirot. She is an intelligent woman, but she is not a flamboyant personality. She is very modest. And the contrast between these two is absolutely extraordinary.
Her writing seems to appeal to the detective in so many of us. Her murder mysteries are like game of skill. In Agatha Christie's work the reader has to solve the mystery of whodunit. A number of strangers are gathered together. They know very little about each other. But they know that someone in the group is the murderer.
In Agatha Christie's county house settings a murder takes place in nearly every room: the drawing room, the dining room, the kitchen and of course ... the library. Her victims die in a number of unpleasant ways, but her favourite means of murder is by poisoning. The use of poison is so accurately described in her work that she even won praise from the Journal of Pharmacy.
Whenever there is a poisoning or any other type of murder, one of Agatha Christie's detectives is soon on the scene. Finally, the identity of the murderer is revealed.
Agatha Christie died on 12th January 1976 at the ago of 86.

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